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Gender Affirming Surgery

Dr. Keelee MacPhee has been performing gender affirming surgery since 2005, offering procedures for transfeminine, transmasculine and non-binary individuals.

Her expertise includes genital reconstruction, also known as bottom surgery; facial feminization, including tracheal shave, forehead bossing, rhinoplasty and fillers; facial masculinization, including fillers and implants; and breast feminization and chest masculinization procedures.

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Specializing in transgender surgical procedures

With a limited number of skilled transgender surgeons in the U.S., gender reassignment surgery can be difficult to obtain. Dr. MacPhee follows the Standards of Care set forth by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). She continues to train and develop her gender affirming surgery practice, staying abreast of new procedures and surgical advancements as they unfold.

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Duke Regional Hospital

Safe, welcoming environment at North Carolina Specialty Hospital and world-renowned Duke

Dr. MacPhee’s focus and dedication to this area of practice are what draw transgender and non-binary patients from across the country. They trust her with their healthcare not only for her skill, compassion and understanding but also for the environment in which she practices. The City of Durham is highly supportive of LGBTQ+ issues. Dr. MacPhee performs surgeries at North Carolina Specialty Hospital and Duke Regional Hospital, a recognized leader in LGBTQ+ healthcare equality. Here, patients feel at ease knowing there is no judgment and the facilities are world-class.

Contact us today for a consultation. If you are traveling from outside of North Carolina, please ask for help with your accommodations while in the Triangle. We will connect you with a safe place and nursing staff if needed.

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